‘Walking Dead’ fans treated to black Negan skit on SNL, a comedy tribute to Glenn from Dave Chappelle

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Fans of the old “Chappelle Show” and “The Walking Dead” got a treat Saturday when the two shows combined into one skit.


“All week long people have been asking me if I was going to do any characters from ‘Chappelle’s Show’ tonight,” he said in the same style in which he used to introduce “Chappelle Show” skits. “At first I wasn’t going to, and then I saw that episode of ‘Walking Dead’ where they smashed this guy Glenn on the head and killed him. I know, it was devastating. I love that show and Glenn was like one of my favorite characters. so I was like crushed. So, in that spirit and with that in mind, I hope you enjoy this.”

The scene, with Chappelle dressed as the Negan character, was a nod to the “Walking Dead” episode when the characters Glenn and Abraham are killed off.

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But rather than choosing who to kill from the characters on “The Walking Dead,” Chappelle’s Negan chose from some of his old show’s favorites.

They included crack addict Tyrone Biggums, blind, black white supremacist Clayton Bigsby, rapper Lil’ Jon and “player hater” Silky Johnson.

Watch below. It gets pretty funny at the 3:30 mark.

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