Trump makes triumphant return to Twitter to mock NY Times and taunt enemies Romney, Kasich, Bushes

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For those who wondered now that he has been elected president, would Donald Trump still engage on social media have gotten their answer and then some.

President-elect Trump must have had a little free time Sunday morning in what has got to be a hectic schedule in piecing together an administration to “gloat” over his stunning win Tuesday and to “mock” some of his more outspoken critics.

At least, that’s how his Tweet-fest was described in the media.

Trump began by targeting The New York Times, whose publisher committed on Friday to “reflect” on its election coverage and “rededicate” itself to honestly reporting the news.



Trump then shifted gears to acknowledge a few congratulatory calls he has received since being elected president. Included among the unlikely suitors was Mitt Romney and the Bush family.

…but does the effort to demonstrate unity equate to mocking?

At face value, no, but they are coincidentally the biggest of the names who did not support him.

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The 45th President of the United States turned his attention back to The Times to note how “dishonest” they are while disputing a quote on nuclear weapons attributed to him.

Looks as if the next 4-8 years are going to prove entertaining if nothing else.

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