The PC era is over! Lawmaker defends sharing politically incorrect joke about Trumps and Obamas

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Was it “poor taste” or “a good jab at the media”?

Maybe it’s the sound of the hyper-politically correct era coming to an end.


A North Carolina lawmaker, Rep. George Cleveland, was slammed by his fellow Republican lawmakers after he shared an email about Donald  Trump’s election win with a fake newspaper headline that read ‘Trump forces black family from home.'”


House Rules Chairman David Lewis of Dunn replied angrily to the email.

“I am not sure what point George is trying to make with the email below but it is certainly in poor taste,” he wrote, according to the Raleigh News & Observer. “There are forces at work following this election that I do not understand – forces of hate and intolerance. I condemn those forces. I condemn the KKK and Black Panthers and any other group hell-bent on dividing us. We must be smart enough to know our words and actions matter.”

Rep. Bob Steinburg of Edenton agreed.

“Amen David, Amen!! We need NONE of this even in a poor and in my view tasteless attempt at humor. We are better than that,” he replied.

Cleveland dismissed his fellow lawmakers emails when reached for comment.

“It was a bit of humor that I thought was a good jab at the media, and that was it,” he told the News & Observer. “The media has been very biased in the campaign.”

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