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No salary, no vacations! Donald Trump wants to be the lowest paid employee in America

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President-elect Donald Trump reiterated a promise he’d made in September of last year to totally give up accepting the $400,000 annual presidential salary.

Speaking to CBS News veteran Lesley Stahl on “60 Minutes,” he did add that he would take $1 if the law is such that he has to take something.

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Rebecca Berg, national political correspondent for Real Clear Politics, reported:

Last year Trump made this promise:

CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller reported:

His supporters loved him for it:

If, however, Trump is required by law to accept his full presidential salary, someone came up with another suggestion:

And on that note, someone offered what he imagined the Clintons might be thinking.

The president-elect also indicated that given the state of the country he would forgo taking any major vacations while in office.

“There’s just so much to be done,” Trump told “60 Minutes.” “So I don’t think we’ll be very big on vacations, no.”

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