Geraldo Rivera calls on Obama to preemptively pardon poor victimized Hillary … ‘right now’

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Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera wants to see Hillary Clinton pardoned for any violations of the law she may be responsible for.

Paraphrasing Colonel Timothy Collins, a retired Northern Irish military officer in the British Army, Rivera suggested Saturday on “Fox & Friends” that while ferocious in battle, President-elect Donald Trump ought to be magnanimous in victory.

He said, “the last thing this nation needs” is to see Republican lawmakers “going after Hillary.”

Pointing to President Gerald Ford pardoning his predecessor Richard Nixon and how this brought an end to the Watergate era and allowed the country to move forward, Rivera called for President Barack Obama to absolve Clinton.

“I want President Obama to pardon Hillary Clinton,” he declared. “And I want him to do it preemptively.”

Kellyanne Conway is ‘rubbing it in’ . . . how dare she! You mean like ‘I won. Deal with it’?

“I call on President Obama to pardon Hillary Clinton, right now, for any acts that may or may not have been done.”

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