Trey Gowdy vs Ted Cruz – Conservatives lobby for Supreme Court favorites, take our POLL here:


For many voters, the election of Donald Trump as president boiled down to a single issue: the United States Supreme Court.

With a vacancy left unfilled following the death of Justice Anthony Scalia, a true champion of the U.S. Constitution, the next president faced a monumental responsibility of striking the balance of the high court… and with Trump’s victory go the spoils.

(In addition to filling Scalia’s seat, Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 83, and Anthony Kennedy, 80, are no spring chickens, nor is Justice Stephen Breyer, 78.)

As for the spoils, how do the names Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Trey Gowdy sound as potential jurists? Of course, these are not the only options before President-elect Trump, but are some names conservatives would LOVE to see him select.

Here’s your chance to weigh in on who you’d like to see as the next member of the Supreme Court

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