Straight-talking grandmother slams ‘whiny b*tch babies’ protesting Trump’s election; offers tough love

A grandmother from the suburbs of St Louis delivered the verbal whooping on the anti-Donald Trump protesters that their parents probably should have long ago.

Peggy Hubbard, who previously made news when she castigated Black Lives Matter protesters, went off on the “whiny b*tch babies” rioting over the election of Trump.

She recalled her own children witnessing the horror of the 9/11 terrorist attack and going to school the next day with no therapy dogs or cocoa.

“Because your little candidate didn’t win the race you’re gonna lose your ever loving mind and act like a bunch of pu**ies?” she asked pointedly.


“People cannot get back and forth to work because you clown asses decided to act like a fool and act like a bunch of bitch babies then you know what I would do?” she asked. “If you’re on social security, you’re on SSI, SSD, Medicare, Medicaid, Section 8, EBT card, food stamps – anything the federal government is paying for – if you are arrested I’d cut you off.”

And she had a special message for the celebrities who have joined in the chorus of the discontented and threatened to leave the country.

“Bye. Go. Amtrak does run to Canada,” she said. “Some of you haven’t made movies in years. Whoopi (Goldberg) hasn’t made a movie worth talking about since ‘The Color Purple.'”

**WARNING – Strong Language.**

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