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That post-election Hillary Clinton ‘hiking’ picture? Reportedly staged to show her ‘resilience and grit’

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A photo of Hillary Clinton and a woman she met on a hike began to raise questions even as MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell gushed over the defeated presidential nominee’s “resilience.”

Margot Gerster reportedly ran into Clinton on a hiking trail in New York and posted a photo of her chance encounter on Facebook.

She spoke to Mitchell on Friday about the moment she just happened to run into Clinton along with husband Bill walking their dogs in the woods in Chappaqua.

“I told her, you know, that I watched her concession speech and I was incredibly moved by it and I was very proud to take my daughter with me to vote for her. And I think she appreciated that a lot and she hugged me, which, you know, was amazing,” Gerster said.

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But was the encounter so random after all?

In a piece written about the photo, New York magazine linked to Gerster’s Facebook page which has been deleted. So the question remains about whether the photo opportunity was staged or not.

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Meanwhile, on MSNBC, Mitchell continued her fawning over Clinton after interviewing Gerster.

“What a moment. And it certainly reflects what we saw in Hillary Clinton, the resilience, the grit. And certainly the fact that all of us saw that speech that she gave. And she is able to move on, as tough as this is,” she said to White House correspondent Kristen Welker.

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“What a moment, indeed, Andrea,” Welker responded.  “And I kept thinking, looking at that photo, which I think spoke a thousand words, that it was a sign to all of her supporters – even though she didn’t plan it and this just happened – but it was a sign to her supporters that she is going to be okay and that it’s okay to move forward from here.”

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