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Obamas ditch important custom in big White House welcome of new first couple; but why?

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As our nation literally burns thanks to violent rioting by thugs, President Obama wants everyone to know he’s got his priorities straight.

Lame duck Obama ditched the tradition of posing for photos with the newly-elected president (in this case, Donald Trump) and opted instead to mug for the cameras with NBA stars.


When the Obamas met the Trumps for the first time, Obama skipped the customary photo-op of the couples standing in front of the White House.

And when the Trumps arrived at the White House for a tour of their home-to-be for the next four years, they were let in through a back door on the South Lawn, away from public view, the AP reported.

Could you imagine the public outrage, media outcry, racism accusations, and rioting that would’ve ensued had the Obamas been let in through a back door on their first visit to the White House?

In contrast, the Obamas enjoyed a far classier and warmer reception when he was the president-elect.


After the 2008 election, then-President George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush graciously posed for photos with the Obamas outside the south entrance of the White House.

President Obama and President-elect Trump did hold a brief presser after their hour-long meeting, which both men described as positive.

“I just had the opportunity to have an excellent conversation with President-elect Trump,” Obama said.

trump-obama-meetingShortly after meeting with Trump, Obama held a press conference, where he excitedly welcomed the Cleveland Cavaliers to the White House to congratulate them for winning the NBA championships (back in June).

Obama praised the Cavaliers not only for their NBA championship but for “using their platform to speak out.” This was an oblique reference to superstar LeBron James, who had campaigned for Hillary Clinton before her house of cards came tumbling down.

Meanwhile, Obama’s outgoing White House staff (buh-bye) couldn’t have looked more despondent over a Trump presidency.


Photos showed staffers looking depressed and crying when Obama offered his congratulations to Trump the day after he won the election. ?

Instead of posing with basketball stars, perhaps Obama should do something presidential — like condemn the violent riots roiling the country.


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