Hollywood insider says Trump election was a giant ‘slap in the face’ to pampered celebs

1950s crooner and teen idol Pat Boone said that President-elect Donald Trump’s victory in Tuesday’s election was a well-deserved slap in the face to Hollywood’s elite.

He made his assessment to Fox411 Thursday.

“Donald Trump’s unprecedented, emphatic win is a tremendous rebuke, a humongous… slap to the pompous, pampered Hollywood super-rich, supercilious, super brainwashed, over-privileged crowd,” he told Fox411.

Clinton relied heavily on big-name entertainers to draw crowds at her appearances — but it did little good. What she needed to draw were voters.

Frequent Fox News contributor Larry Sabato said that the election was proof that Hollywood has little influence on middle America.

“Hollywood celebrities cannot change votes,” he said, according to Fox411. “At best they can motivate lazy partisans, such as some millennials, who find lots of reasons why they don’t have time to vote. And they raise money and attract the TV cameras.”

Factor in Clinton’s tired message of continuing President Obama’s failed policies of the last eight years and you have a recipe for disaster.

A flurry of Hollywood’s elite indicated that in the event of a Trump victory, they’d move out of the country.

If that happens — which is unlikely — perhaps the political demographics of the motion picture industry will change for the better.

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