Teen girl ambushed and attacked at high school after voicing support for Donald Trump

Proving once again that to be a liberal means to be dangerous and violent in today’s post Obama world, after a high school girl posted her support on social media for President Elect Donald J. Trump, a female student beat her up at school.

Jade Armenio, a sophomore at Woodside High School in Redwood City, California, noted that before Election Day she posted on Instagram that she hoped Trump would win the election. The very next day some girls at her school set up a vicious ambush and even arrogantly took cell phone video of the attack.

Jade noted that she had only joined in with all her friends who were posting their political views on social media. But the next day things took a violent turn.

“This girl come up to me and said ‘do you hate Mexicans?’ I said ‘no’ and she said ‘you support Trump, you hate Mexicans,'” the victimized student told ABC, San Francisco.

The video clearly shows that Jade was attacked, thrown to the ground, kicked and punched. Jade told the media the attacker pulled out her earrings and yanked her hair. She was left with a bloody nose and scratches and bruises.

The principle of Woodside High School claims that the incident has been investigated with the assistance of law enforcement and that the “appropriate” disciplinary actions have been taken.

Jade’s parents, though, don’t trust the school and are keeping their daughter out of class for the time being.

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