Even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews thinks the anti-Trump protesters are wrong: ‘They lost’

How bad is it for the left when even a liberal darling like Chris Matthews is critical of those protesting Donald Trump’s election victory?

“How about those protesters,” Matthews said Thursday on his show “Hardball” on MSNBC. “What would you say to those kids? Most of them in their twenties. I think they do go to school during the day. I think they came out of NYU last night up from downtown in the Village and they marched all the way past Trump Tower to make their statement.”

“What kind of a statement is it really there to make?” Matthews then asked. “They lost.”

“Look, it’s their First Amendment right,” Matthew’s guest, Karine Jean-Pierre of MoveOn.org, responded. “The country is grieving. Something happened on Tuesday night that people were not anticipating. Donald Trump.”

Guest Steve Cortez, a Trump supporter, said the protesters were nothing more than “spoiled brats.”

“Regarding these protesters, by the way, these protesters are not exercising their First Amendment rights” he said.  “They have every right to speak. They don’t have a right to stop traffic. They don’t have a right to get in the way of commerce. That’s not the First Amendment. That’s being a spoiled brat.

“And by the way, what are they protesting? Democracy itself when they block traffic? We had an election.”

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