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Violence escalates nationwide as celebs & unhinged protesters vow Trump will never be president

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This is NOT what democracy looks like.

In what amounted to a collective temper tantrum, disaffected Democrats and other youthful lemmings took to the streets of America Wednesday night to protest Donald Trump — as per the provisions of the U.S. Constitution — being elected president of the United States.

In cities across the nation, Millennials broke free from their safe spaces and marched in the streets. Violence broke out in the out-of-control city of Oakland, California, where Democratic politicians have long coddled anarchists and other radical hard-left activists.

Protesters clashed with police and set fires in the streets of Oakland as they set about trashing the city. Included in the carnage was graffiti that said, “Kill Trump.”

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Five people were shot in Seattle during an anti-Trump protest in the far-left city.

Hard-left moonbat Cher marching alongside protesters in New York City as they chanted,” F*ck Trump.” Protesters also burned the American flag in the street.


Recording artist Madonna showed her support on Instagram when she posted a video of protesters chanting, “Not my President!”

The post included the caption: “Need to Turn these Words into Action……….So Now What? ??????”

Buoyed by celebrities and social media, the protests grew across the country. Here are addition videos and photos of the shameful reaction to a presidential election from Twitter:





The hyteria even spread across the pond.

Of course, if the tables were turned, the media would be screaming to deploy the National Guard.


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