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One year ago, Ann Coulter was mercilessly laughed at on Bill Maher’s stage … but who’s laughing now?

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About one year ago as the nation wondered just who might end up being the Republican nominee for president, firebrand author Ann Coulter made a bold prediction that had the entire panel and audience of Bill Maher’s cable TV how doubled over in laughter.

But after president-elect Donald Trump’s smashing win, Coulter fans are basking in vindication.

Coulter appeared on Maher’s “Real Time” show on June 19, 2015 and when the host asked her who he thought had the best chance to become the next president of the United States, Coulter had a quick and direct reply, “Donald Trump.”

Naturally, as soon as she made her statement the audience erupted in laughter. So did Maher’s other panelists, Daily Caller contributor and moderate Matt Lewis, far left MSNBC host Joy Reid, and extremist Congressman from corrupt Chicago Luis Gutierrez.

Even Maher was shocked by the suggestion that Donald Trump would win the 2016 election.

As to the rest…

Matt Lewis was nowhere near being right with his forceful prediction that Florida senator Marco Rubio would become the GOP nominee. Remember, Rubio’s primary vote was barely a blip compared to second place finisher Ted Cruz not to mention the overwhelming numbers of votes giving victory to Donald Trump.

For his part, far left Congressman Luis Gutierrez insisted that “the white vote” can’t elect a president… which is news to Donald Trump who just did that very thing. And Gutierrez also got it wrong when he said that Jeb Bush would be the candidate holding the GOP banner for 2016.

MSNBC contributor Joy Reid said that no Latino would ever vote for a Republican… which, again, would be news for Donald Trump who, according to NBC’s exit polling, received 29 percent of the Hispanic vote compared to Romney’s 27 percent.

In any case, this amazing video shows that it was Ann Coulter who was the only one who had her finger on the pulse of America. Who is laughing now, Bill Maher?

One other thing is sure, lots of people on Twitter also noticed that Coulter was the only one to get it right so early in the process.




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