Did this often overlooked voting bloc that broke bigtime for Donald Trump seal the deal?

There was one group that put Donald Trump into the winner’s column and sealed the deal for the Republican candidate: the Amish community.

The religious sect’s pledge of support for Trump was discussed in the month’s leading up to his stunning victory Wednesday morning by such groups as The Associated Press and Politico, but was largely ignored by most.

And it was especially ignored by the Democratic Party to its own peril.

When the informal governing body for the Amish community, the American Amish Brotherhood, met this year in Columbus, Ohio, more than three million of the sect’s estimated 20 million adherents showed up. Ands the word went out: Vote for the Republican nominee.

The group’s reasoning was simple: The erosion of American values through the decay of the Democratic Party.

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“Over the past eight years, the Democratic Party has launched a systematic assault on biblical virtues,” said AAB Chairman Elijah Fisher, according to ABC News. “We have seen more and more Christians being persecuted for their faith; we have seen the state defile the institution of marriage allowing the homogays to come together just like normal people. And now, they want to put a woman in the nation’s highest leadership role in direct violation of my favorite Bible passage, 1 Timothy 2:12, ‘I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet’.” Fisher continued, “We need to stop this assault on God and take a stand for biblical principles. Donald Trump has shown in both action and deed that he is committed to restoring this country to the Lord’s way.”

And the community’s bloc support for Trump made all the difference, according to statistician Nate Silver.

“The Amish have their highest numbers in perennial swing states like Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and Iowa,” Silver noted, according to ABC News. “They also have strong numbers in reliably Democratic states like Michigan, Illinois, and New York, meaning that Hillary will lose those states as well. There is also a sizeable community in Florida which, while not as large as it is in the Midwest, is still large enough to turn Florida for Trump. Over the next two weeks, you can expect Hillary to enter into a state of freefall in all of my predictive models.”

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Although the Amish vote was dismissed by many, it wasn’t ignored by the candidate’s supporters, who set up a political action committee dedicated to securing their support, appropriately named Amish PAC.

Amish PAC co-founter Ben Watters stayed up for the returns and held his breath.

“We knew it would be close from the beginning,” Walters said, according to PennLive. “We knew the Amish were a sizeable enough amount of the population to provide the margin, should the election come down to the wire in Pennsylvania.”

Here’s something else that shouldn’t be ignored: The Amish influence is especially felt in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana — all key battleground states.

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