‘Lie, absolute lie!’ Mark Levin systematically destroys the liberal media mantra about Trump voters

As expected, the liberal media is trying to spin Donald Trump’s historic electoral victory in the worse way possible. Thankfully, conservatives like radio host Mark Levin are wise to their deceit and more than willing to let the American people know.

The Great One did just that on his Wednesday post-election radio show, laying out several key media lies about Trump voters.

First, the lie that Hispanics and minorities would never support Trump. Wrong! In fact, despite the myth that Hispanics would never support Trump because he doesn’t want to bring criminals from Mexico to the United States, the Republican got almost a third, 28 percent, of the Hispanic vote, a full percentage more than Romney received in 2012.

Trump also received 8 percent of the African-American vote, a number similar to Romney. However, Hillary Clinton did worse than Obama with that demographic.

Education was the “biggest lie,” according to Levin. Despite the media contention that Trump ran away with under-educated voters, Trump got 51 percent of Americans with a high school diploma or less and received 52 percent of those with an associate degree. And of college graduates, Trump received 45 percent to Clinton’s 49 percent, which was quite close.

“Now if you listen to the media, even now, all of Trump’s support was coming from ‘low-educated white males.’ Lie, absolute lie! Not only is it stereotyping Americans, but it’s not true.”

“Trump got 81 percent of the conservative vote,” Levin continued. “That is conservatives, conservatives won this election. You did that. You decided, in the remaining weeks and days of this election. You agreed with me that we had to stop Hillary Clinton, that Donald Trump had made promises in the past month or two about conservative policies that he would pursue.”

“This is a victory for you. We stopped Hillary Clinton. That’s defense, that’s damage control. We got the candidate to embrace many of our principles. That’s offense!”

Listen to the rest of the clip here.

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