A ‘glass ceiling’ WAS shattered on Election Day, but don’t expect the mainstream media to celebrate

Liberals are always lamenting the “glass ceiling” that supposedly prevents women from achieving things on par with men, but they seem to ignore conservative women who break that so-called barrier.

And this election is a perfect example of that liberal ignorance as many are wondering why advocates for women aren’t celebrating the great victory won by president-elect Donald Trump’s female campaign chief, Kellyanne Conway.

As soon as it became clear in the early, early morning hours of November 9 that Donald Trump would become our next president, it came to pass that the first woman to successfully head a presidential campaign was Trump’s Kellyanne Conway.

So, were those who claim to be for “equal rights” for women celebrating this great achievement?

Nope. All we got were crickets.

Conway’s achievement didn’t go unnoticed, MRCTV noted.

Only two other past campaigns had females heading them up — both were Democrats and both lost their bid for the White House. So, Republican Conway achieved what the Democrats could not.

Again… crickets from these so-called advocates for women.

Still, a lot of people on Twitter ARE celebrating Conway’s achievement.


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