Celebs mocked in hilarious ‘Election Day Moving Sale’ posters popping up on LA streets

Conservative artist Sabo has a message for anti-Trump Hollywood stars: “Get the f**k out.”

The controversial Los Angeles street artist mocked liberal Hollywood celebrities who vowed to leave the country if Donald Trump were elected president.

Sabo wants to remind them that it’s time to pack up and leave now, just as they promised.


In a hilarious street campaign featured on his Facebook page, Sabo lampooned Cher, Amy Schumer, Jon Stewart, Lena Dunham and others who swore up and down they would leave the U.S. if Trump won the presidency.

“Get the f**k out,” Sabo wrote.

Bus-stop benches sprouted up in Beverly Hills, the Pacific Palisades and Brentwood, California, featuring a photo of Donald Trump as a realtor promoting celebrity “moving-day” sales.

“Moving to Canada election day sale: For sales information contact Sotheby’s agent Donald Trump,” read the text on one bench that featured a photo of Amy Schumer.


Another bench showed a photo of Cher with the caption: “Moving to Jupiter election day sale.”

Sabo said he launched the subversive art campaign to spotlight Hollywood hypocrisy.

“Half of Hollywood is moving to Canada if Trump is elected,” Sabo told the Hollywood Reporter before the election. “Not much of a threat when you consider so much of the movie industry has already made their exodus in that direction due to the socialistic mess they’ve made of California.”

Sabo also wondered why the hordes of liberal stars prefer Canada over nearby Mexico.


“And by the way, why the hell aren’t these people moving to Mexico?” he asked. “Too many short, brown people for their liking down there? Not white enough?

“I created these mock Sotheby’s bench advertisements to help them along their way, letting people know their homes are on the market.”

Meanwhile, riots erupted across California shortly after Trump gave his victory speech. Vandals set trash cans on fire, smashed windows and shut down streets while shouting “Not my president!” to protest Trump.

Since then, protests have erupted in other cities.


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