‘Beat it!’ Chicago Cubs star takes heat for thinly veiled pro-Trump tweet

Chicago Cubs star Jake Arrieta didn’t come out and say he was pro-Trump, but the tweet says it all… the election is over, and it’s time to put up or shut up.

For months, a growing laundry list of liberal celebrities vowed to leave the country if Donald Trump got elected president. So now it’s time to make good on those promises, right?

Arrieta has offered to help Hollywood celebrities “head for the border,” saying he’d even help them pack.

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“Time for Hollywood to pony up and head for the border,” Arrieta tweeted with the hashtags #IllHelpYouPack and #BeatIt.

chicago-cubs-star-jake-arrietaSome Twitter fans applauded Arrieta’s cheeky tweet, saying they loved his humor.

Others agreed with Arrieta, saying if someone doesn’t like the US, they should leave instead of bellyaching and whining about it to anyone who’ll listen.


But some on Twitter were offended, and even accused the World Series champ of being anti-Semitic.

“Candidates and politics aside, this reads to me as an anti-Semitic comment (and I’m not Jewish),” one hyper-sensitive Twitter user remarked.

Another woman chimed in: “As a woman, I’m really disappointed in this tweet, Jake. People are hurting today.”

It’s unclear how Arrieta’s tweet was offensive to women or Jews, considering he didn’t mention either group by name.

What is clear is that in true Hollywood fashion, there’s a lot of talk and no action.

A slew of celebrities including Cher, Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, Chelsea Handler, Miley Cyrus and Barbra Streisand all declared their hatred of Trump and promised they’d leave the United States if he became president.

So far, no one is budging.

Some celebs were lampooned on hilarious fake billboards created by Los Angeles street artist Sabo that sprouted up in Beverly Hills, the Pacific Palisades and Brentwood, California. Sabo posted photos on his Facebook page.

Bus-stop benches featured a photo of Donald Trump as a realtor promoting the “moving-day” sales of celebrities like Cher and Amy Schumer.

“Moving to Canada election day sale: For sales information contact Sotheby’s agent Donald Trump,” read the text on one bus-stop bench.


Another ad featured a photo of Cher with the caption: “Moving to Jupiter election day sale.”

Sadly, none of these celebrities seem to be leaving the country anytime soon.

Maybe we’ll have better luck in 2020.


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