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Tense spat at Fox News: Karl Rove tried to CREDIT Paul Ryan for Trump win, Tucker was NOT having it!

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Karl Rove caused an uproar among colleagues when he tried to credit House Speaker Paul Ryan with helping Donald Trump win the presidency.

Tucker Carlson quickly hit him with reality.

“If he is winning Wisconsin, he ought to thank two people. Governor Scott Walker, and Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. Because they have built in that state a political machine through Walker’s races, that extends from the top to the bottom and is better organized than probably any state in the country,” he said.

“Paul Ryan is probably one of the big reasons why he carried Wisconsin tonight,” he continued, during election night coverage.

Chris Wallace was the first to point out that Ryan didn’t even bother to campaign with Trump.

Carlson tried to jump in but Rove persisted.

“Let me finish. Let me finish! Last weekend, where do you think Paul Ryan was? He was stumping the state in a bus tour saying vote for the Republican ticket. Donald Trump, Ron Johnson,” he said before Carlson got in his points.

“Paul Ryan is an honorable guy and I think he will do his best to accommodate this new world but it is a grotesque overstatement to say he is responsible for Donald Trump’s winning Wisconsin. He was mocking Trump. He was making the point crystal clear that he thought that Trump was kind of morally indefensible,” Carlson fired back. “This happened in spite of the wishes (of Paul Ryan).

“You think the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape was defensible?” Rove shot back, sparking a group battle. The panel started shouting over each other with Rove and Carlson nearly jumping out of their chairs.

Bret Baier eventually called for a “time out” before it was all said and done.

Apparently, Rove missed when Ryan threatened to sue Trump, or when he called him a racist, or when he said he couldn’t defend the Trump campaign, or when he took a shot at Trump’s position on keeping refugees from the Middle East out of America. That’s in addition to uninviting Trump from a joint rally.

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