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Overnight, Donald Trump ends 2 political dynasties and Obama’s legacy – good start, right?

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Donald Trump didn’t just win a national election Tuesday; he made a statement about the American people. Americans aren’t interested in dynasties — whether the last name is Clinton or Bush, and the Obama legacy of big brother is anathema to the American psyche.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper made that observation after Trump was declared the president-elect after taking Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral college votes.

“What does this do to President Obama‘s post-president plans, his legacy?” he asked his panel. “But also, is the era of the Clintons over? Where do they go from here? Do they continue with the Clinton Foundation?”

Former senior Obama advisor David Axelrod believed that little thought went into that possibility during the voting process, but allowed that Obama was giving it some thought now — given that Hillary Clinton was his best hope to carry on the Obama legacy.

“As for President Obama, … I think that he too is right now thinking through this,” he said. “Obviously this is a different end to his eight years than expected.”

But it also brought to a close the Bush dynasty and its establishment Republican philosophy.

Trump struck the first blow when he defeated popular Florida Gov. Jeb Bush during the primary. The final blow was struck early Wednesday morning when he was declared the victor in the general election — despite reports that no one in the Bush family planned to cast ballots for Trump.

All of which suggests that New Hampshire’s state motto — “Live free or die” — works just as well for the country as a whole.

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