‘Not my president!’ Vandals set fires, smash windows, shut down streets in California after Trump win

There’s nothing worse than a sore loser.

Donald Trump‘s historic victory prompted waves of protests across California college campuses as angry crowds disavowed the brash billionaire by chanting he’s “not my president.”

Hundreds of students took to the streets Wednesday morning in Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego and Santa Barbara shortly after Trump delivered his victory speech in New York.

protesters-california-trumpVandals set trash cans on fire, burned American flags, vandalized public property and shut down streets and highways.

On other campuses, rioters burned Donald Trump in effigy and smashed windows, as if that’s a constructive way to express political dissent.


At UC Santa Barbara, hundreds of students marched near campus, shouting: “Not my president! Not my president!”

At the La Jolla campus of UC San Diego, some 500 students protested Trump’s win, shouting expletives while marching in the street, the LA Times reported.

Violent riots, protests and vandalism have now spread across the country.

trump-protestsIn Chicago, a random white man was beaten up by a group of angry thugs as a woman reportedly shouted in the background: “He voted Trump! Beat his ass!”

But not everyone was upset by Trump’s presidency.

A group of 30 people gathered at Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star, where they posed for photos and celebrated together.

trump-protest-die-whites“This is our president!” they yelled, shouting down nearby protesters.

Some of the Trump supporters wore “Make America Great Again” hats and chanted “U-S-A!” to drown out protesters.

Another young man held a large banner that read: “The silent majority stands with Trump.”


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