Megyn Kelly gets BOOED by Fox crowd for stoking anti-Trump fears just before certain victory

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was fairly neutral for most of the election night coverage, but she wasn’t about to let Donald Trump have a victory without addressing his sins.

As the electoral map started to fall and it became clear that President-Elect Donald Trump was about to snatch the most improbable victory in the history of American politics, Kelly put herself in the shoes of everyone who she believed was in fear.

“Something we haven’t discussed is the number of groups who are likely feeling real fear right now,” she said. “You’ve got Muslims who are maybe feeling that way tonight. You’ve got women who have seen him, you know, accused of groping women against their will …”

The crowd gathered outside of Fox News studios began to jeer the anchor as she rattled off the reasons for fear.

“They may be booing but this is true,” Kelly said.

Perhaps, but apparently, more people had fear of an expansion of Obamacare, refugees flooding the nation, open borders and a Supreme Court that would have torched the Constitution.

Get over it.

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Carmine Sabia


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