Hillary staggers to the finish line. Literally. Watch the video…

Must be that darned “pneumonia” flaring up again…

Hillary Clinton is determined to make it across the finish line, even if she has to crawl over BleachBit’ed email servers and James Comey’s shredded career.

An exhausted-looking Clinton appeared to stumble a tad as she shuffled off her campaign plane in Philadelphia late Monday night.

Hillary looked so unsteady that she needed help from her frail, 70-year-old husband, Bill Clinton, as she made her way from the plane into an awaiting car.

Hillary was in Philadelphia to attend a star-studded rally before flying back to North Carolina for a midnight rally on election eve.

She ended the evening by flying to New York, where she will spend election day.

Clinton’s health has been a hot-button issue throughout this campaign season, amid mounting speculation that she lacks the stamina to lead the nation.

Leaked emails between former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Democratic mega-donor Jeffrey Leeds showed Clinton’s health was a concern even before she famously collapsed at Ground Zero on Sept. 11.

colin-powell-dc-leaks-hillarys-healthIn March 2015, Powell expressed concern over Hillary’s health, saying she looked terrible and sickly:

“On HD TV she doesn’t look good. She is working herself to death,” Powell wrote. “She will turn 70 her first year in office [if elected].”

And, who could forget Dinesh D’Souza’s vivid summary?


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