CNN contradicts their own polling, explains why Donald Trump should win North Carolina

North Carolina is an absolute must-win state if he is to have any chance at all of defeating Hillary Clinton today. The problem is, other than a few outliers, Clinton has led in most polls in the Tar Heel State, including the latest CNN poll of polls that has her up by 4 points.

According to CNN, their own “analysis of early voting paints a very different picture and suggests that Clinton has underperformed President Obama’s 2012 performance in the Tar Heel State and Trump has outperformed Mitt Romney.”

Sure, Democrats have the early lead to the tune of 1.3 million Democrats to 990,000 Republicans. But CNN reports that the same thing happened in 2012 when Barack Obama jumped to a huge lead in early voting only to eventually lose the state to Mitt Romney.

And this time around, fewer Democrats have cast ballots while 125,000 more Republicans voting during North Carolina’s early voting period, which ended Saturday.

The one key difference, according to CNN, is the fact that independent voters cast 810,000 votes, up 42 percent from 2012. However, those independents favored Romney in 2012.

Another key trend that likely favors Trump is the fact that the African-American vote is down 5 percentage points from 2012 while white voters have increased their electoral percentage by 3 percent.

North Carolina is just the start of the high mountain Donald Trump needs to climb for a victory, but it’s certainly a solid foundation!

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