Who better to torch Hillary to a crisp on election eve than firebrand Tomi Lahren?

Conservative television host Tomi Lahren delivered a fiery warning to voters on the eve of the presidential election.

“The choice is yours, America,” Lahren said Monday in her “Final Thoughts” segment on The Blaze TV. “So know what you’re getting.”

Not one to sugarcoat her words, the Blaze TV host took aim and fired at Hillary Clinton, blasting the Democratic presidential nominee for scandals from her emails to the family charity.

“If you vote for Hillary, you’re getting a woman that’s only excuse or validation for putting our national security at risk is that she got away with it,” Lahren said. “Is that good enough for you?”

The 24 year old outspoken news personality recently joined Donald Trump‘s new ‘Trump Tower Live” show as a co-host weeknights on Facebook.

“I get it, some of you are reluctant to vote for Donald Trump,” Lahren continued. “But consider he’s a risk worth taking and she’s a certainty we cannot sustain.”

“While she’s been out dancing on stages with celebrities, Trump has been out with a flag and a message: America first,” ” Lahren said.  “It’s make America great again or let Hillary sell out this nation again.”

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