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Women drop ‘f-bombs’ more often than men today, but why?

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The revelation that women are dropping f-bombs more often than their male counterparts comes as no great surprise, given how effeminate today’s metrosexual males are.

British researchers have been conducting a survey of the swearing habits of men and women over the past 20 years and early results show that women are “using the f-word more often than men,” according to The Sunday Times of London.

The survey consisted of 376 volunteers providing recordings of up to three hours of daily conversations, resulting in a language database of 10 million words.


The article is behind a paywall, but the N.Y. Post shared some details:

Data from the 1990s showed that men effed up 1,000 times per million words; women dropped the f-bomb a quaint 167 times.

However, by 2014 women cursed up a storm, saying the word 546 times — while men said it only 540 times.

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The results are predictable in today’s progressive culture that sees gender as a social construct and blames heterosexual males for all the world’s ills.

A culture where it’s getting more and more difficult to differentiate between male and female.

And the end result of demonizing men and male sexuality is effeminate men and masculine women.

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Tom Tillison


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