SNL let Hillary and Trump go at it one last time – then both strangely took to the streets

“Saturday Night Live’s” cold open provided a perfect tone for what has been an especially bitter presidential campaign season.

It started out as a joint interview of the two major candidates by cast member Cecily Strong as CNN’s Erin Burnett that included a surprise ending to close what has been an especially rancorous campaign.

At the close of the interview, Alec Baldwin, who portrayed Donald Trump, and Kate McKinnon in her usual Hillary Clinton role, broke character and addressed the audience as themselves.

Clip via SNL

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But in the end, Baldwin and McKinnon come together on the same stage and drop their in-character mannerisms and drop the back-biting, infighting and divisive rhetoric. Then, holding one another’s hand, they rush out of the studio to spread the love around — “Trump” to blacks and immigrants, “Clinton” to Trump supporters.




When they return to the studio they tell the audience to vote on Tuesday — for whomever your favorite candidate happened to be.

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