‘You can’t eat a Jay Z’: Vice chairwoman of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump gets real

African-Americans should vote for Donald Trump and get off the Democratic Party plantation.

That’s the message Brunell Donald-Kyei, vice chairwoman of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, has for black voters who want to see true change.

While Hillary Clinton panders to black voters by throwing free concerts featuring stars like Beyonce and Jay-Z, Trump is serious about improving the economic plight of struggling African-Americans, Donald-Kyei said.

“Donald Trump is saying in his New Deal to African-Americans: ‘Look, I’m not going to entertain you, but what I will do is put $100 billion into the inner cities over an eight-year period,” Donald-Kyei told Fox News. “That’s what important to black voters.”

Donald-Kyei said while it’s nice that Clinton can get A-listers like Jay-Z to stump for her, a free concert isn’t going to put food on your table or give you a job.

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“You can’t eat a Jay-Z, but with the jobs and infrastructure that Donald Trump is saying he’s going to put into the inner cities, you can take that to the bank,” Donald-Kyei said.


Donald-Kyei joins a growing chorus of African-Americans who are dumping say-anything, do-nothing politicians like Hillary Clinton, who pander to blacks and minorities for their votes, then disappear after the election.

More African-Americans leaders now say it’s time for blacks to get off the Democratic plantation and vote in an outsider like Trump who can bring real change to gridlocked Washington, D.C.

Civil rights hero Clarence Henderson recently endorsed Trump, saying Trump is a proven leader in business who has a 40-year track record of creating jobs and employing tens of thousands of people, including countless minorities.

“He has proved to be a leader in the business field,” Henderson told the AP.


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Henderson said you don’t have to like Trump personally to support him, because what counts is results — which the Democrats failed to deliver even though African-Americans have voted Democratic for the past five decades.

“I would rather be in the minority on the side of justice than in the majority on the side of injustice because I have lived a life where there was injustice,” said Henderson.

Henderson added: “Donald Trump is certainly not a politician. Politicians are a dime a dozen, but leaders are priceless.”

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