Michael Moore can’t stop spewing truth! His analysis of the Michigan election is blowing minds

No matter how hard Moore tries to come out against Trump, his words end up supporting the GOP nominee these days.

Michael Moore has continued to warn Hillary Clinton voters to not get too cocky by presuming she is going to win on Tuesday despite his contempt for Donald Trump.

The filmmaker pressed the point again on Friday during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” while he implored Clinton voters to get out and vote.

“I know a lot of people in Michigan who are going to vote for Trump,” the Michigan native told the hosts. “Not because they necessarily agree with him but they see him as the human molotov cocktail that they get to throw into the system that has ruined their lives and get to blow that system up. Very much in the same attitude of the Brexit of industrial England.”

But what he reminded them of next ought to give shivers to Clinton and her fans.

“It’s not surprising to me that Bernie (Sanders) won Michigan even though, remember, that morning Hillary was ahead in the polls by eight to 20 points, in all the polls the morning of the primary. 12 hours later she lost to Bernie,” he said. “These polls, I think they undercount the Trump people.”

He questioned how good the actual turnout would be for Hillary on Election Day despite what people tell pollsters on the phone or online.

“We don’t get to vote at home on our remote control or our XBox,” he said. “How many are going to vote on Tuesday? Fifty-percent? Sixty? Maybe?”

It’s not the first time Moore has issued such a warning or said something Trump supporters endorse.

Moore complained that Trump and his supporters used a clip from his movie “Michael Moore in Trumpland” to promote the Republican candidate as he spoke of all the reasons why some might want to vote for him.

And recently video emerged of the filmmaker bashing Clinton after she won the primary against Sanders, who Moore supported. It is also interesting to note, that Moore made this statement about Michigan voters before polls came out showing the state in dead heat race.

He might be on to something.

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Carmine Sabia


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