Megyn Kelly goes bottom line on Hillary: Americans ‘don’t want someone who’s in trouble with the law’

Fox News host Megyn Kelly brought the presidential down to its essentials with perfect clarity Thursday during her interview with Democratic strategist Richard Socarides, who attempted to defend Hillary Clinton‘s sinking poll numbers.

She asked her guest for his take on his party’s enthusiasm for its nominee given the FBI’s decision to re-launch its criminal investigation — whether voters would be holding their nose while voting for Clinton.

Fox News Channel clip

He replied while it’s going to be a close race, “many Democrats are enthusiastic about her and about her positions.”

Kelly wasn’t buying it, though, and said that voters “don’t want someone who’s in trouble with the law” after the FBI’s decision.

Socarides blamed it all on FBI Director James Comey, calling his decision political and “disgraceful.”

“What? Did the FBI disgrace itself?” she asked. “They’re trying to investigate potential crimes — that’s what they do!”

Her guest also dismissed reports that the FBI was investigating possible acts of wrongdoing committed by the Clinton Foundation as the interview degenerated into heated crosstalk, with each trying to be heard above the other.

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