Latest WikiLeaks emails link Podesta to ‘occult’ behavior and has folks REALLY creeped out

WikiLeaks just published what has to be the creepiest John Podesta-related email so far. It’s a July 9, 2015 dinner invitation that was extended to the Hillary Clinton campaign chairman by his brother, Anthony Podesta, who goes by Tony.

But it was unlike any dinner you’ve ever partaken — it was a “Spirit Cooking” dinner with Marina Abramovic.

WikiLeaks tweeted:

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It says, “With a sharp knife cut deep into the middle finger of your left hand, eat the pain.”

The actual invitation was sent June 28 via email:


Source: WikiLeaks
Source: WikiLeaksobserved:

The revelation was creepy to say the least.

WikiLeaks posted these followup tweets:

There’s no way of knowing whether John Podesta accepted the “dinner” invitation, or for that matter, whether Tony Podesta was serious or joking when he made it. But they do apparently have contact with Abramovic and all of it, is nonetheless, creepy and disturbing — even to joke about.


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