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CNN lib Van Jones comes to Melania’s defense: We ‘beat her up for doing something good!’

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Melania Trump found some unlikely support from CNN’s Van Jones who praised and defended the wife of GOP nominee Donald Trump.

The liberal commentator and former Obama adviser noted that Melania isn’t a “political wife” and was a victim of the political machine when she was criticized this summer and accused of plagiarizing a speech.

But her willingness to get back up and make more speeches, as well as addressing cyberbullying as she did at a campaign rally on Thursday, earned praise from Jones.

“If you’re looking for inspiration in this campaign, her ability to come back, to get back out there and try again is something we can actually applaud,” Jones said Thursday on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront.”

And while others, including some of the CNN panelists on the show, panned Melania’s speech and criticized her for the bullying remarks in light of her husband’s well-known Twitter comments, Jomes said it wasn’t fair to attack her.

“From a political point of view, she does something good and then we beat her up for doing something good,” he said.

“Holy crap,” he exclaimed. “Somebody wants to stand up against bullying in this election and we’re going to beat her up for it?”

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