No matter which way you slice it, the electoral map is looking a lot better for Donald Trump

Once upon a time Hillary Clinton had a seemingly insurmountable lead in the electoral college but that has become a grim fairytale for the former secretary of state since the FBI announced it reopened its investigation into her mishandling of secure emails.

The most recent Fox News Electoral Scorecard showed a significant shift towards Trump in key states since the announcement.

New Hampshire has moved from “lean Democrat” to “tossup,” while the coveted state of Ohio moved from “tossup” to “lean Republican,” and Indiana and Missouri moved from “lean Republican” to “solid Republican.”

Clinton still has an advantage as Trump’s path to victory remains tight but has started to look more doable,” Fox News reported.

If Trump wins all the states that “lean Republican” or are “solid Republican” and ran the table on all “tossup” states he’d be 15 electoral votes short which means he needs to grab one or more “lean Democrat” states.

Grabbing North Carolina, Pennsylvania or Michigan would give Trump the votes he needs to win the presidency.

As of the moment, the race looks to be in a dead heat in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Even CNN had to reluctantly report its own version which has Hillary droppoin below.

That report had actor Misha Collins running scared and to the polls.

And then there’s this one reported by the Washingon Post:

Oh, that had to hurt.

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