High school teacher dons Trump ‘Halloween costume,’ dances to ‘F**k Donald Trump’ in classroom

Yet another teacher is proving that our schools are less about education and more about indoctrinating kids with a left-wing ideology. This time it is a high school teacher in who decided to wear a Donald Trump costume to school and was caught doing a dance routine for the kids to the rap song “F**k Donald Trump.”

Imagine the outcry if a teacher had dressed as Hillary Clinton and did something as derogatory. It would have been national news instead of just being reported on blogs and other Internet sites.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, teacher Kara Kelley — a geometry teacher, no less — was caught on camera in the class room doing a dance routine to the anti-Trump rap song on Halloween day.

Fortunately, school administrators later found out about the video and took proper action of putting this biased, agenda-pushing teacher on administrative leave pending an investigation into her actions.

“But I will say that the teacher is not presently in the classroom and we are investigating the situation,” Superintendent of Schools Stephen Zadravec told a local newspaper on Monday evening. “There is no place for offensive language in our school community, nor is it our practice in school to support or discredit political candidates.”

The father of one of the students in the classroom criticized the teacher for her “bad judgement,” and added “She should be setting a better example.”

This is far from the first time a school was caught indoctrinating students against Donald Trump.

In a Texas high school a librarian came under fire for posting an anti-Trump display in her library, a New York teacher was sanctioned after calling students who supported Trump “racists,” and then there was the case of Oregon high school teacher caught bashing a Trump piñata after class.

Even administrators have gotten into the anti-American act as one school principal in South Carolina came under fire for banning the American flag in his school because it “taunted” Hispanic students.

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