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They can’t help themselves! James Woods sounds off on wild voter fraud case in California

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A California man made a startling discovery Saturday. Two stacks of mail-in ballots — 83 in total number — were stacked on top of his mailbox.

Upon closer examination, Jerry Mosna, the man making the discovery, realized they were all addressed to his elderly neighbor’s two-bedroom apartment, but each to a different person.

“I think this is spooky,” he said, according to Fox News. “All the different names, none we recognize, all at one address.”

Jerry’s wife, Madalena Mosna, observed that their neighbor, 89, lives alone. “Eighty people can’t fit in that apartment.”

Fox News reported:

They took the ballots to the Los Angeles Police Department, but were directed to the post office. They felt little comfort there would be an investigation, and called another neighbor, John Cracchiolo – who contacted the Los Angeles County Registrar’s office.

A spokeswoman for the Registrar said the office will investigate. Both Cracchiolo and Jerry Mosna told FoxNews.com they think they stumbled upon a case of fraud.


“Yes, there is voter fraud. We saw it with our own eyes,” Cracchiolo said.

In response, the office of the Registrar issued a statement.

“We are carefully reviewing our records and gathering information to fully identify what took place.” the statement said.  “Our preliminary assessment is that this appears to be an isolated situation related to a system error that occurred causing duplicate ballots to be issued to an address entered for a single voter. We are working directly with the system vendor to ensure the issue is addressed and to identify any similar occurrences.”

Social media was a bit more speedy in its assessment — voter fraud, pure and simple. Outspoken conservative actor James Woods said it was business as usual for the Golden State, and others agreed.

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A final desperate act of an increasingly desperate candidate perhaps?

As they noted, California is a lost cause for Republicans. Florida, however, isn’t and is a must-win state for Donald Trump. The Republican Party of Florida is accusing the Sunshine State’s second most populous county election officials of voter fraud — involving mail-in ballots.


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