Trump helps voters with ‘buyer’s remorse’ – here are the states where you can CHANGE your vote

Are the latest news reports causing you to have ballot remorse?

Voters who have already cast their ballots can still change their choices in four states in the nation, Fox News reported.

Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin residents who are part of the more than 22 million who have voted already have the option to amend their ballot by appearing at their local election office in person. An election official will then have to “fish out” the cast ballot and destroy it before allowing a new one to be issued, political commentator Erin McPike told Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt on Tuesday.

Deadlines for making the changes vary by each state as do some of the specifics. In Wisconsin, for example, voters are allowed to change their minds up to three times before Election Day.

“I think the state to watch really is Pennsylvania,” McPike explained. “That is one of the states that Donald Trump was saying is a must-win state for him.”

Trump is heavily campaigning in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in an attempt to motivate some voters to change their ballots, Earhardt noted.

The Republican presidential nominee spoke to Pennsylvania voters on Tuesday and later, at a campaign stop in Wisconsin, reached out to those who filed early absentee ballots for Hillary Clinton.

In a “public service announcement,” Trump addressed anyone who had cast a vote for Clinton and was “having a bad case of buyer’s remorse.”

“Wisconsin is one of those several states where you can change your early ballot if you think you’ve made a mistake,” Trump said. “A lot of stuff has come out since your vote. If you live here, or in Michigan, or Pennsylvania, or Minnesota, you change your vote to Donald Trump.”

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