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NFL ratings drop because ‘racists despise truly free black men’ – silly you thought it was a respect for America thing

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The one consistency in the political narrative put forth by race agitators in America is the belief that whitey keeps the black man down.

…or, in the case of ill-informed NFL player Colin Kaepernick, prevents him from standing.

With ratings noticeably down in the NFL in the wake of the San Francisco 49ers quarterback’s protest of “racial oppression” in America that has seen other players around the league join in, the N.Y. Daily News’ Shaun King says the ratings drop is due to whitey hating on a “fully free black man.”

Of course, the ratings are not helped by Commissioner Roger Goodell’s namby-pamby stance in support of the players opting to show open disrespect for the United States.

Either way, the only thing more remarkable than King’s asinine analysis is that the Daily News hired the former Black Lives Matter activist as its “senior justice writer.”

And make no mistake about it, Shaun King hates the white man as much as he hates cops — which is a disturbingly acceptable position to take in Barack Obama’s post-racial America, but that’s another story for another day.

In a league where blacks make up almost 70 percent of the players, King calls out “conservative white NFL fans,” saying they “feign loving the players […] as long as they keep their mouths closed about the civil and human rights of African-Americans.”

“What we have right now is the stark reality that uneducated conservative white men hate few things more in the world than a fully free black man,” he wrote.

Naturally, the N.Y. Daily News-supported race provocateur ties it all back to Donald Trump.

But don’t take my word for how ignorant King’s position is, here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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