Michael Moore barges back into the news again with a really weird suggestion for the FBI director

Michael Moore says he’s “very concerned” about Donald Trump. He claims Trump is an “anarchist” who wants to “blow up the system.”

But in a recent MSNBC interview, the brash filmmaker also said Trump should be arrested for “inciting riots.”

“The Republican candidate has said that if he… loses the vote, he’s essentially called for inciting riots, which I think is still against the law,” Moore said. “I think the FBI director should be paying him a visit, asking him, ‘What are you actually intending on November 9th should you use?'”

Even left-wing MSNBC host Chris Hayes thought Moore went too far.

“We don’t want the First Amendment of a candidate to be hemmed in by an FBI director,” Hayes said. He also said he didn’t think Trump had ever called for riots.

Moore has consistently warned his side that Trump will likely win the White House unless they take action.

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