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Dem pollster Pat Caddell predicts Trump landslide (and he should know): ‘This dam is about to break’

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Democratic pollster Pat Caddell says Donald Trump could be the next Comeback Kid.

Caddell, a former pollster for Jimmy Carter, said Hillary Clinton‘s ship has been going down like the Titanic ever since the FBI reopened its criminal investigation into her unsecured email server.

The scandal could fuel a landslide victory for Trump the same way Ronald Reagan came back from behind to rout Jimmy Carter in 1980.

“This dam is about to break [on Hillary],” Caddell told Fox News.

Caddell said Clinton’s catastrophic slide in poll numbers mirrors what happened in the 1980 presidential race, when Carter was edging out Reagan until “the dam broke” on Carter in the final week.

Reagan, who was an outside candidate the same way Trump is this year, then soared past Carter just days before the election.

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A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows the latest criminal FBI probe into Clinton’s email scandal has eroded her support at a time when she can’t afford to give an inch.

Thirty-four percent of likely voters now say they are “less likely” to vote for Clinton due to the new FBI investigation. Trump has now dramatically cut into Clinton’s lead, statistically tying her at 46% to 45%.

So, will history repeat itself? Sure seems like it could.


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