The Huffington Post is having a MELTDOWN over Hillary’s emails

DC NEWSBy Blake Neff, DCNF

Wondering if Friday’s stunning announcement about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails was bad news for Clinton? Look no further than The Huffington Post.

Given that HuffPo labels Republican nominee Donald Trump a “racist” in every article about him, it isn’t surprising that it’s upset about FBI Director James Comey’s announcement and would seek to downplay or debunk it. But HuffPo went above and beyond, adopting a front page that can only be described as hysterical in tone:

[Huffington Post screengrab]
Meanwhile, in a display of auspicious timing, within an hour of Comey’s announcement, HuffPo reporter Ryan Grim tried to drop a bombshell on Trump, posting video he claimed showed Trump “sexually humiliating” a woman during a 2011 speech. But the video itself certainly invites other interpretations.

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