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‘Andrew Breitbart is trolling the election from heaven’

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Ever since Andrew Breitbart exposed the original “Weinergate” scandal on his site in 2011, disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner has been the gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving.

Back then, the mainstream media didn’t believe the Breitbart News founder and even publicly attacked him for publishing Weiner’s quickly deleted tweet to a 21-year-old Seattle college student of himself, er, excited about the prospect of seeing her. But of course, as his web of lies unraveled it was Weiner who went down and Breitbart who was vindicated.

Here’s the original press conference, back in 2011, that has such tremendous ramifications today:

The legendary journalist was taken from us in 2012, but surely he is in heaven smiling down at the thought of emails on one of Weiner’s devices being the thing that caused the FBI to reopen their probe into Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president.

‘Dickileaks’: Today’s NY Post cover. . . wait ‘til you see the headline!

Naturally, the twitterverse agrees:



Here’s Comey’s memo to FBI staff explaining why he reopened Hillary probe

And finally:


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