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Marco Rubio wipes the floor with Democrat challenger over Trump endorsement

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If there’s one thing Sen. Marco Rubio has a distinct talent for, it’s his ability to think on his feet.

The Florida Republican demonstrated this in spades Wednesday night in his final debate with his Democratic challenger, Rep. Patrick Murphy.

Clip via A,erica Rising, ICYMI

Donald Trump, who Rubio supports, has been accused of violating the Cuban embargo — which Rubio strongly supports — and Murphy asked Rubio how he can continue to endorse the Republican presidential nominee given this accusation.

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“What’s it gonna take to get you to un-endorse Donald Trump?” Murphy asked.

Rubio deftly turned the question around on his opponent.

“That’s bizarre, Congressman Murphy,” Rubio observed. “You’re criticizing Donald Trump for supporting a position that you have. You support lifting the embargo. So finally Patrick Murphy agrees with Donald Trump on Cuba.”

Front the sound of laughter in the background, the audience loved it.

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