Was Newt Gingrich bumped from Fox & Friends for annihilating Megyn Kelly last night?

Newt Gingrich might have just found out what Donald Trump has known for more than a year. Hell hath no fury like Megyn Kelly scorned.

Before it went on the air at 6 a.m. the official Twitter account for “Fox & Friends” sent out a tweet with its guest lineup for the day.

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That list included Gingrich, who annihilated Kelly on Tuesday night and called her out on her blatant anti-Trump bias. The bias that may be responsible for her plummeting ratings.


All of the listed guests made their scheduled appearances with the exception of Gingrich.

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Neither the network nor the former Speaker of the House have commented about his nonappearance Wednesday but Gingrich did refer to his epic fight with Kelly in one tweet after “Fox & Friends” aired.

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