Desperate Hillary uses cancer patient to pressure Florida voters after Trump pulls ahead in the state

Amid a Donald Trump resurgence in the Florida polls, Hillary Clinton pulled out all the stops during her Lake Worth visit.

After a new Bloomberg poll showed Trump with a two-point lead on Clinton in Florida, the Democrat presidential nominee appeared at a rally in the Sunshine State and regaled the captive audience with the supposedly true story of a cancer patient named Steven who fought all odds to cast a vote for her.

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“Steven, from St. Augustine has been fighting a rare form of Leukemia and heart disease. He’s been in and out of the hospital a dozen times in the last two years. But he told his family, told his friends, he told the nurses and the people in the hospital how important it was that he get a chance to vote,” she said.

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“I heard yesterday he ditched his oxygen tank, which I would not have recommended. He clung to his walker, he stood in line and he cast his vote for a better America,” she said. “Don’t let anybody tell you they don’t have time to vote in this election with somebody like Steven making that enormous effort.”

And she needs every vote she can get.

Despite new research, from the Media Research Center, that showed a tremendous bias against Trump, with 91 percent of his coverage being negative, the Bloomberg poll shows independents in Florida are continuing to move towards Trump.

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