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Hillary’s campaign has raised more than $1 billion. Here are the mega-donors that made it happen…

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As of the end of September, Hillary Clinton had already raised about the same amount of cash for her campaign as President Obama had by the same time four years ago, to the tune of $1.14 billion.

She wouldn’t have come near that amount, however, without the help of several key mega-donors.

The Washington Post reports that about a fifth of the money donated to Clinton’s campaigns, national parties, single-candidate super PACs, convention host committees, and joint fundraising committees came from just 100 super-rich individuals and labor unions, many with a long record of donating to the Clintons going back to her husband Bill’s White House runs.

Just the top five donors gave one out of every $17 to Clinton’s campaign. They include:

Hedge fund manager S. Donald Sussman ($20.6 million)

Chicago venture capitalist J.B. Pritzker and his wife, M.K. ($16.7 million)

Univision chairman Haim Saban and his wife, Cheryl ($11.9 million)

Hedge fund titan George Soros ($9.9 million)

SlimFast founder S. Daniel Abraham ($9.7 million)

Ironically, Clinton’s top backer, Donald Sussman, says he wants to end the big-money system he is currently a part of, telling the Post, “It’s very odd to be giving millions when your objective is to actually get the money out of politics. I am a very strong supporter of publicly financed campaigns, and I think the only way to accomplish that is to get someone like Secretary Clinton, who is committed to cleaning up the unfortunate disaster created by the activist court in Citizens United.”

By contrast, Donald Trump has collected only $712 million, which included $56 million of his own funds.

And here we were thinking the Republicans were the party of the super-rich!

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