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Donald Trump’s choice of hosts for new ‘Trump Tower Live’ show sets off mega-shockwaves

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Never a dull moment during the 2016 presidential election.

The internet is on fire with the announcement of “Trump Tower Live” a weeknight show to debut on Facebook that will go up against the mainstream nightly news.

Perhaps the biggest lightening rod within the announcement is the revelation that Blaze TV host, Tomi Lahren will be doubling as a Trump host.

The Blaze was founded by Trump’s nemesis Glenn Beck, so the revelation that Lahren will be joining Trump in his unconventional quest for the presidency two weeks ahead of Election Day has the political world on fire.

The news came as quite a shock to many:



Too “controversial” for Fox News, even? Perfect!



Lahren got everyone really ginned up before her “Trump Tower” debut with a comment on Hillary Clinton and the mysterious murder of DNC campaign staffer Seth Rich.

And she’s already being quoted:

As the controversy buzzed over her new role, Lahren herself summed it up best by simply saying they’re “changing the game.”



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