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Sworn off Trump-bashing SNL? Not so fast . . . Tom Hanks as Chris Wallace was really good stuff!

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“Saturday Night Live” poked fun at last Wednesday’s third and final presidential debate, and spoofed Fox News anchor Chris Wallace and especially mocked Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Wallace, who was generally applauded for his debate moderation, appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” to comment.

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“Fox & Friends Weekend” clip via Fox News Channel

The “SNL” cast made fun of Clinton’s refusal to address the emails from her and her staff that have been released by WikiLeaks, “many of which raise some serious questions,” actor Tom Hanks, who portrayed Wallace, observed.

When asked, she pivoted to a statement about Trump’s alleged misogyny. She also said she thought she’d heard the voice of an aide, a reference to claims that she’d been fed answers during prior appearances through an earpiece.

Eventually, “Wallace” asked if she’ll ever address the email controversy.

“No, but it was a very cute question, Chris,” “Clinton replied.

Wallace observed that Hanks wore almost the exact same necktie he did during the debate.

“I’ll have to go look in my closet and see if it’s still there,” he said.

The “Fox News Sunday” host called the “SNL” skit “a fitting end to a surreal week.”

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