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Imagine the horror! Foster mom discovers her Afghan refugee son, 12, is really a 21-year-old terrorist trainee

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A British mother was horrified to learn that the 12-year-old foster child she took in from war-torn Afghanistan turned out to be a 21-year-old terrorist trainee.

The gig was up following a visit to the dentist, who estimated that “Jamal” was a decade older that he claimed to be, according to The Sun.

The mother, identified only as Rosie, became suspicious when she noticed how hairy the “boy” was and how adept he was at firing a rifle.

“Adults are playing the system. It’s putting families like mine and society as a whole at risk,” Rosie told The Sun. “I don’t see anything wrong with dental and bone density checks. Some say they are intrusive and degrading. But having a man in your home who’s pretending to be a child is far more intrusive.”

After being busted, Jamal threatened to kill Rosie and her three children.

“I can’t say he was a terrorist but I do think he came from a training camp,” she said. “Every day I check the car, and that all the house windows are shut. I panic because I know he knows our routine.”

Jamal has been turned down for asylum but is appealing.

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