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Tucker Carlson’s joining ‘The Circus’ – Has Hillary survived the Wikileaks tightrope?

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Mark McKinnon, host of Showtime’s “The Circus: Inside The Greatest Political Show on Earth,” tipped off “Fox & Friends Weekend” viewers on Saturday that Tucker Carlson will be joining him on Sunday night’s show.

…and the topic of discussion is not likely to make Hillary Clinton very happy.

“We’re going to focus the whole show tomorrow night on the circus of WikiLeaks,” the former GOP strategist announced.

McKinnon, who advised former President George W. Bush, said the reason the media is not more focused on the hacked Clinton-related emails published by WikiLeaks is because of Donald Trump.

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“The media is going to talk about what [Trump] talks about and he doesn’t have enough message discipline… he should be talking about that 24/7,” McKinnon said. “There is so much in there.”

He also said WikiLeaks may be Trump’s last, best chance.

“It’s Donald Trump’s best chance because the debates are over,” McKinnon said. “Those were big opportunities — lost opportunities arguably — and now the only thing between now and the election, barring some catastrophic external event like a terrorist attack, the most likely thing that can happen is for something to break out of WikiLeaks.”

Editor’s Note: A previous headline gave the impression that the Wikileaks focus of the show would be harmful to Hillary Clinton, but producers tell BPR that is not necessarily the case.

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